Hank's Fascinating Rock Collection

Help Hank complete his collection of rocks minerals.

After having been shot by the cartel, Hank is recovering at home. Helped by the sweet and understanding Marie.

From his bed, he is bidding on rocks minerals to complete his collection, which is tricky: with the health care and physical therapy bills, he cannot go over his budget.

Help him get them all without spending more than he can afford, by clicking on a rock mineral to purchase as many as he can within the allocated allowance.

Mica Schist
Blue Corundum
Rhodonite Manganese



  • You're ordering a new rock?
  • I'm bidding on a new mineral.
  • It's a nice one.
  • What?
  • It's pretty.
  • I need the thing.
  • Okay. Numero uno?
  • Dos.
  • Okay. Those… Those pretty little crystals. I like that.
  • Okay.

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  • You okay?
  • Fine.
  • Can't you sleep?
  • Actually, yes, Marie. This is me sleeping. What's it look like?
  • Looks like you're looking at a rock at 2:24 in the morning.
  • This is not a rock. This is a mineral, for, like, the tenth time.
  • Okay. Got it.
  • Blue corundum, to be precise.
  • Blue corundum. Well, it's very pretty.
  • It's encrusted with igneous biotite in a mica schist. Would you like some more detail Because I can give it to you. You keep acting like you give the first shit, and I’ll…
  • Hank.
  • Found in the Central Cordillera of Irian Jaya. Blue corundum.
  • I'm just saying it's 2 in the morning. I'm just asking if maybe…
  • You know, when last I counted, Marie, there were four bedrooms in this house. You know, I mean, if I'm keeping you awake and all that.

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  • Go show the boys your new rock collection. We're going to get things organized.
  • Yeah, it'll be about 10 minutes.
  • You have a rock collection?
  • It's a mineral collection. Uh, just a little something I… You guys want to see it? Want to see it?
  • Sure. Let's go see it.
  • Oh, hey, let me.
  • Hey, it's all right. I got it. Come on, guys, it's down the hall here.
  • Now that one there, that's Rhodonite, okay? It's manganese inosilicate.
  • Cool. What… What makes it be all pink like that?
  • Well, that's the manganese part, okay? It… It oxidizes, you know, like rust.
  • Exactly. Manganese can have an oxidation state of between -3 and +7, which takes it through a range of colors… Purple, green, blue. But its most stable state is +2, which is usually pale pink. So…
  • So Exactly. Whatever the hell he said.
    Anyway, you, uh, you get the idea.
  • Yeah, it's, uh, interesting. Interesting stuff, that.

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  • Marie, is that my minerals?
  • Yes, Hank.
  • How many boxes? I don't know... Three, four, a hundred, a million. I don't know.
  • Did you check them for damage?
  • Oh, my God. They're rocks, Hank.
  • No, they're minerals. Jesus, Marie, I got some geodes coming that are very delicate, all right? And I will not accept any boxes that have damage. Those delivery jackoffs, I'm telling you... I'm not getting ass raped by those bastards, all right?
    Just... Honey, would you check? Just check, please?

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